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Deanship of Stuents Affairs

Deanship of Stuents Affairs

Deanship of Stuents Affairs
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DeanMessage: Message from the Dean


Message from the Dean


My dear students, I welcome you at the University of Jordan that is proud of you and welcomes you with open arms, for within its core, a Deanship specialized for students has been established -  The Deanship of Student Affairs.
The Deanship of Student Affairs is considered a fixed pillar and one of the most essential deanships in the university due to its close association with the students, for they happen to be its pillars and base. It has assumed an important place among the students, which has put a great sense of responsibility on the deanship to grant the students its care and support.
The objectives of the Deanship of Student Affairs blends with those of the university, and they include preparing future leaders in all fields, participating in civil society in order to achieve sustainable development for our beloved Jordan, in addition to improving the quality of the students, refining their talents and creative energies, highlighting their achievements in all aspects in order to be consistent with the process of reform and development, led by His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein may Allah protect him.
The Deanship of Student Affairs gives the students the care and attention they need outside university life. It pays attention for extracurricular activities, sets up various programs in order to refine the students’ personality and help them in overcoming any obstacles in their academic life to achieve UJ's mission.
All these achievements have been done through its departments which provide intellectual, cultural, artistic, sporting and guidance activities, contribute to forming balanced and integrated characters, and elevates the university student to levels of progress and innovation in all areas, bearing in mind the service of all students.
Therefore, we call our dear students to explore their talents, exercise their hobbies in painting, playing sports or music instruments, performing and acting as well as expressing their thoughts through writing prose or poetry or performing voluntary work, stemming from their belonging and love for their dear homeland, which sees them as a permanent and devoted pillar armed with science and equipped with skills, as with them the University of Jordan maintains its status and originality among all the universities in the world.



Dr. Khaled Mutlaq Rawajfeh


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