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Department of Cultural, Artistic and Media Activities


This department operates under the philosophy of the university, which is based on planting the ideal university life in the hearts of students that is aligned with their affiliations and beliefs, and to establish all that is honorable, noble and patriotic, contributing to the creation of a generation who believes in the issues of their country and their nation’s justice. In this regard, the department is working to develop extracurricular activities through cultural and artistic programs and to create the appropriate space to discover the students’ innovation and to encourage and organize activities that highlight the talents of students and to work on refining and caring for them. Furthermore, preparing competitions in poetry, story and article writing, and theatrical texts; along with artistic activities such as, music, theatre and Arabic calligraphy.  Also encouraging the students to participate in local and international events such as the Arabic music band (University Choir), which represents the University in many international festivals, and the art exhibitions and cultural evenings.


1.     Development of interest among students for general culture.

2.     Promote literature, culture, art and media.

3.     Encourage research, writing, and translation among the students.

4.     Deepen the spiritual and moral values.

5.     Provide opportunities for students to represent the University in cultural and artistic competitions, locally and internationally.

6.     Organizing field trips for students to cultural and artistic institutions.

7.     Notifying the students with the latest updates on literature, art and culture.

Means of Achieving the Objectives:

·         Organizing competitions in the fields of: story writing, investigative reporting, thought, public speaking, playwriting, scientific research, poetry and calligraphy.

·         To hold weekly meetings for student members from the cultural group in the small theater and café at the Deanship of Student Affairs, to listen to the creations of students from various literary fields.

·         Organizing contests in memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran and the Hadith.

·         Organization of cultural information competitions for students (The Colleges League)

·         Organizing book fairs and computer hardware exhibitions and its software.

·         Organizing evenings of poetry and short stories readings for students.

·         Organizing meetings, seminars, dialogues and lectures concerned with general cultural affairs.

·         Holding courses in the fields of journalism and journalistic work, and writing  for students.

·         Organize sessions in the fields of critical thinking,  problem-solving and decision-making.

·         The establishment of cultural weeks in collaboration with local institutions dealing with cultural and artistic affairs.

·         To participate in national and local celebrations.


·         University Theater:

The theater contributes in the enrichment of intellectual and artistic lives for society, because it is the most capable of reading the world and human suffering and analyzing thoughts and situations.

The theater is a modern incarnation for one of the most expressive arts with the greatest impact because it is the channel that interacts on its stage and it fuses all the social, cultural and educational issues in a live and influential template where it renders all other forms of art helpless in reaching the level of influence that the theater delivers to the spectator. In turn, the university theater was able to provide an outline of issues of cultural, social, political, and even some of which were humanitarian, which were presented to the reality of pension, and some are made ​​for social and public issues.

The university theatre participates in all the internal and external festivals, and the university theatrical band has participated in the eighth round of the Philadelphia Festival for Arab Universities Theatre with the play “Promised” and achieved a total of awards most notably the Best Actor Award and the award for the role of the first collective performance.





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