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The office of foreign student’s affairs


The office of foreign student’s affairs was established in the deanship of students affairs at the University of Jordan in the academic year 2004-2005, the office hosts about (3000) foreign students from (72) nationalities. As the foreign students are integral part of us and they will learn from the Jordanian academic and life as well as our customs and traditions which makes them our brothers; Based on that the office realizes the foreign student’s interests and needs which are different from the Jordanian students, the office is developing it’s luxuries environmental academic method which has a variety of cultures and civilizations.

This is an invitation we deliver to the foreign students to visit our office in any time to be helped by our staff who obtained such a wide experience in foreign student’s issues and cases.


Services provided by the office

Welcoming new foreign students

- The office welcomes the new foreign students and helps them with the admission and registrations procedures were the new students are welcomed by the office staff to pave them their academic way.

- Completing their residence transactions

- The office follow-up all related issues and official procedures of student’s transactions in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  

The social side

- The office helps the students to find a suitable resident for them as well as providing participation opportunities with their roommates.

- Organizing the permanent meeting with the foreign students friends inside the office

-The office provides chances for meetings between the foreign students and their friends to exchange experiences, experiments and to take benefits from each other’s, which is an open forum between the foreign and Jordanian students.


The field of sport

 Contributing between the departments of sport activities to prepare programs for sport events between foreign students.


The field of health

      Following-up their health conditions at the student’s clinic, UJ's Hospital or other hospitals in addition to form groups of students to visit and accompany the student in all stages of treatments.


The UJ’s president meeting with the foreign students

The office organizes a meeting for the foreign students with UJ's president through the academic year to discuss their issues.


The cultural field

The office works on organizing many cultural activities such as the annual heritage exhibition which includes sections for representing the participated countries, international buffet which the main dishes of the participated Arabian and foreign countries are served and folklore international concert that is presented by the foreign students from different nationalities.


The harmonic field for the students

The office works regularly on a scientific study survey to check the harmonic level for the foreign students and limiting their problems in the academic, economic, social, emotional, and health fields. Also the office organizes significant activities to enhance the social and emotional harmony for the students through the programs directed to the serving sector in the Jordanian community, such as: orphans, infirmary, and elderly caring.



Cultural and tourism trips

The office organizes programs, activities, and trips for the foreign students with their Jordanian colleagues toa various civilized, touristic, and archaeological sites in the kingdom, such as:

·         Petra city.

·         Aqaba special economic zone.

·         Rum valley.

·         Jerash and Ajloon.

·         Dana reserve and Afra falls.

·         Um qais and Jordanian Humma.

·         Agricultural research station of the University of Jordan.

·         Dead Sea and the baptism site.


    The office of foreign student’s affairs is located in the 2nd floor at the deanship of student’s affairs.

Phone: 5355000



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