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Department of health care



The Students Clinic was established with the launch of the University of Jordan in a small building near the old presidency of the university and moved to the current building in 1975 under the name of Students Clinic, and in 2003 was renamed to  Department of Health Care as  subsidiary of Deanship of Student Affairs.


                                                   The service of the Health Care Department


The Health Care Department provides several services to the students, including medical treatments, x-rays, laboratory tests and a pharmacy. Cases that require follow up are transferred to the Hospital of Jordan University. The department also has health awareness programs and holds medical committees and approves medical reports issues by other bodies.


The department includes health and dental clinics, emergency department. It also contributes to spreading health awareness among students and participates in the universities’ social, sport and health activities within the university.


Words by the director of health care department


 Health care and primary health has an important factor in the early treatment of diseases, developed countries gives health care a high priority as the early diagnosis saves the patient from a considerable burden, and has plenty of positive impacts on the financial cost in terms of the therapeutic costs and sick leaves.


The University of Jordan was one of the pioneers in this area, where this department was created to keep up with modern development in the field of health care and primary health.


Department of health care practice a primary role in the therapeutic process, which saves time and effort on both the university and students, as confirmed by statistics provided by the Financial Affairs Department at the university.


I hope in the future to have a general clinic to serve the university staff during the official working hours, which will cut the costs of private insurances and will also regulate the process of admitting patients to outpatient’s clinics at the university hospital.




The Department of Health Care looks forward to attracting a number of specialized doctors, especially in family medicine and some other key specialties; the department also looks forward to have a fully integrated health awareness program in cooperation with other departments at the Deanship of Students Affairs and various faculties.

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