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اGoals & Objectives

1 - Consolidate the spirit of pride and national belonging and deepen the love and belonging to the university in the hearts of students.

2 – Develop comprehensive and balanced personality among students, and teach them the spirit of leadership.

 3 – Create an environment that encourages university research, and develop teamwork skills among students. Nevertheless, provide cultural, social and sports activities.

4 – To encourage communication skills, building and promoting a culture of dialogue between students themselves and between students and the faculty and administrative members, and encourage students to participate and engage in community service activities.

5 - To encourage students to participate in student activities, and various university events as well as refine and develop their talents.

6 - To encourage and develop the spirit of initiative and creativity among students, and raise positive competitive spirit inside them.

7 - Provide advice and counseling for all students, and provide care for outstanding students.

8 - Develop a spirit of self-discipline and invest the students' potentials and experiences in a productive and useful work inside and outside the university.

9 - Promote positive sentiment among students, and provide all the services for students according to scientific basis and in the framework of a sound education.


10 - Cooperate with different faculties, each according to its specialty and to discover talents and abilities of students and use them to serve the students and the community.


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