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Career Guidance and Alumni Office - King Abdullah ∏ Fund for Development
Career Guidance and Alumni Office - King Abdullah ∏ Fund for Development

The high royal commissioner issued the approval of the law of king Abdullah II fund for development Number(81) for 2001 to serve as non-governmental institution, seeking to achieve development in various cities in the kingdom, and work on improving the standard of living  and development of talents and abilities, the university of Jordan had initiated the establishment of the Office of the career development  on (15/10/2003)where his majesty king Abdullah II bin al-Hussein -My God preserve him - opened it on Monday  (29/3/2004).


That idea of these offices have emerged as one of recommendations of Jordanian youth forum that held under the patronage of his majesty king  Abdullah II where the high directives emphasizes the importance of finding a workshop for networking and partnership between students and civil society institutions that help to support and care for excellence and creativity of the students . In addition to find mechanisms and programs in universities to link the graduates with labor markets and introduce them.


Goals & Objectives

1. Providing database on labor markets needs of human resources.

2. Finding an alignment between the skills of communication with the real needs of labor market locally, regionally and globally as an obligatory request to achieve harmonization between the outputs of educational system and the input of the labor market in general.

3. Establishing work values, behaviors and belonging career.

4. Helping students in securing permanent or temporary jobs after graduation during their university education.

5. Opening channels of communication between the student community in the universities and private sectors and the organizations of civil society.

6. Working as ground connection between king Abdullah II fund for development and students in the universities by placing them in the form of programs and pilot projects which is based on implementation of the fund.



First: employment

1. Helping graduate students to get the opportunity to work to meet their abilities and desires.

2. Providing partial job opportunities for students who still studying .

3. Cooperating with private sector locally and regionally to attract the required competencies of university graduate.

4. Informing students of job opportunities available to employers in various fields of the university disciplines.

5. Receiving job applications from graduates.

6. Inviting employers to participate in the program of graduate recruitment and meet them and provide the means to do so..

 7. Organizing and participating in career day.


Second: training and professional guidance

1. Training students to interview skills.


2. Training students in methods of writing CV.


3. Cooperating with the employers and various sectors of different disciplines for holding training courses that can develop the skills of students in the labor market during their professional lives In particular those skills that do not have an opportunity to acquire during their university stage.


4. Providing vocational and professional guidance and career advice for all levels of students.


5.Announcing students on offered training courses via e-mail and receiving their suggestions to implement which is possible and useful.


Third: building the database

1.building a database for local and regional employers.


2.providing a database for the needs of the labor markets of human cadres.


Forth: proving grants of king Abdullah II fund for development for the outstanding students who could not afford within certain terms and basics. in addition to the provision  grants of princess Muna fund to support nursing for females only in the beginning of each academic year.

Fifth: students of the University of Jordan


In the fund, there is a team of volunteer students who can work 5 hours per week.


    Six other students are running within operating system so that the number of worked hours is 15 hour per week.



Target groups

1. Students and graduates of the University of Jordan.

2. The private sector and civil society institutions.

3. Local community.

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