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Sports Activities Department



Motivating students to practice curriculum and extracurricular sport activities through conducting study plans in order to develop a spirit of cooperation and  participation in addition to polish their personalities.



1. Broaden sport activities base by allowing the chance to a bigger number of students and workers at the university (Employees, Faculty Members) to practice the various sport activities.

2.  Encourage students and workers at the university to practice sport in the aim of physical fitness.

3. Discover the best athletic elements in the students; polish it and raise its level.

4. Take up the technical performance level in University sport Teams.

5. Contributing in lifting the athletic level in the local society.

6. Contribute in establishing social relationships between the students through practicing sport activities.

7. Participating in official, national and international tournaments in all different accredited sport games for individuals and teams.

Goals & Objectives

·   Develop the student’s personal leadership.

·   Lift the physical fitness level in the students that is connected to their health.

·    Activate the student’s role in University life through practicing sport activities.

·    Provide local service community through cooperation and organizing extracurricular activities.

·    Take advantage of leisure time in sports activities benefits the student’s physical fitness.

·     Activate the students role at the University and various Jordanian Universities

Ways Of Achieving Objectives Athletically In The Following Methods

·   Individual meetings.

·   Sport courses and tournaments.

·   Entertainment games.

·   Official Contests.



Constructing and modernizing stadiums and sports halls according to adopted specifications, international standards and invest it in the aim of increasing the financial revenues of the University in order to implement its projects , serve students in enhancing many of their positive concepts through providing opportunities and places, tools and sufficient  supplies to practice sport activities and polish  the personal leadership amongst other students.


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