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Department of bodies and student services


This department oversees the student activities, organizes the receiving of new students, the annual graduation party and the celebration of national events in addition to organize marches, protests and celebrations. The department works on communicating with the student community in order to control and reduce any problems that may occur within campus.


The Department consists of four divisions

  1- Student Union division.

  2- Clubs and social activity division.

  3- Services and assistants division.

  4- Buildings and technical equipment division.


1 - Student Union division

This division oversees and supervises the of Student Union elections at the University of Jordan in cooperation with the Supreme Committee for Elections. Also, the division supervises all the activities organized by the Union in addition to provides all possible means and methods in order to accomplish these activities.


2- Clubs and social activity division

This division is responsible for supervising the activities of the 28 clubs which represent several "cultural, artistic, technological and  voluntary " aspects. The members of the administrative bodies are elected through the direct election . these clubs play a significant role in the refinement of the student's personality, reveal the talents of students and encourage them to innovate in areas that have been mentioned previously. Also, the Division organized several student trips in addition to cooperate with EL-Hassan Youth Award programs and ALSABELAH for students in addition to providing different facilities.



3- Buildings and technical equipment division

The Division of buildings and technical equipment oversee on theater and halls inside the Dean and provides all missing or are damaged in coordination with different departments within the university.



* The Tasks of buildings and technical equipment Division


Providing Technical supervision for the rooms, theaters, building activities and the Deanship  in terms of technical preparation and processing as well as  providing general maintenance for the building in coordination with maintenance department at the university in general


1-   El Hassan bin Talal Auditorium


The Auditorium has 1200 seats , wired and wireless voice system, light Mixer, air conditioner in summer and winter and there is a movable section that can be raised and lowered electrically. The Auditorium hosts various events and activities from outside and inside the university such as conferences, seminars, various celebrations, plays, scientific lectures and the meetings between the president and students.


2- The Small Auditorium

    It has 118 seats and equipped with wired sound system.


3- activities Hall

This halls can be divided in to three parts in order to display various scientific and artistic exhibitions.


4-Meeting Halls

It has 25 seats and it hosts the ordinary meetings.


The Division is responsible for providing technical equipments for various activities undertaken by some faculties and other institutions such as providing portable voice mixer with speakers.



4-Services and assistance division

The Division is working on providing services that facilitate and help students in obtaining financial support through the available resources such as Student Support Fund in Jordan's official universities, which provides loans and grants to students or the emergency assistance. It also provides the students with job opportunities in various faculties, units, departments and centers on campus.


Also, this division coordinates the preparation lists of the most distinguished students in faculties and various departments who deserve a scholarship from the Ministry of higher education and scientific research each year. Also, the Division works on documenting the information for each student enrolled in the university by computer in addition to issuing the identity cards for the students and UJ's staff in cooperation with Human Recourses Department.

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